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Laser Probes


MoistAir™ In-Line Air Humidifier

MoistAir Humidifying Chamber connects to the air line and provides humidified air to the eye during fluid air exchange. Studies have shown that the use of humidified air can substantially reduce the dehydrating effects, delay lens feathering, protect corneal endothelium, and may prevent visual field loss defects after macular hole ophthalmology surgery.1-8


GreenTip™ Soft Tip Cannula

GreenTip cannuals allow surgeons to effectively visualize and access the proximity of the retina. Benefits include: optimal contrast against the retina, maximized visualization and greater protection of the retina with its unique atraumatic silicone tip.

EndoProbe Models

Standard Straight

9k Provide direct access to treatment site
Facilitate easy insertion and extraction at the sclerotomy site
Allow easier insertion and visibility due to tapered tip


Standard Angled

Used for treatment of the peripheral retina
Provides greater flexibility when using a wide field viewing system Minimizes the change of lens contact in phakic eyes
Includes a tapered tip for added visibility of the treatment area and and provides easier insertion into the eye.


Active Aspirating

Combines the utility of active aspiration and endophotocoagulation in a single device Eliminates the need for extrusion needles and frees hand for illumination Includes Luer fitting compatible with standard aspirating equipment


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