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Tables and Chairs

Untitled document Tables and Chairs

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CR-650/CR-650S Comfortable to sit in A cast plastic seat core that is resilient as well as rigid, combined with carefully selected cushion materials, has made the chairs even more comfortable. Furthermore, back support has been improved dramatically compared with exist Product Details
UN-21 In combination with an operating microscope, the chair can be served as a bed for examination and treatment. (An optional OM Arm is required to install an operating microscope.) Product Details
UN-15 Pneumatic-assisted manual recline mechanism uses patient weight for effortless patient adjustments. Product Details
ST-25/ST-25C Technical performance is also an important factor in selecting the instrument table. It is ST-25 series that is fully armed with high durability, noise-free structure, safety, excellent new functions and affordability. If you wish a more comfortable and e Product Details
MT-365H The motor driven mechanism ensures a high reliability and quietness in operation. Two spare receptacles are provided at the upper part of the stand and there is no fear of tripping over cords on the floor. The compact design assures you a comfortable dia Product Details
OC-1A/OC-1B Hard and thick cushion Since hard and thick cushion is used, the body does not sink very deep and the operator doesn’t feel so tired even after a long time sitting. Product Details
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