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Refractive Examination instruments

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ARKM-200 New Generation of Multi-Functional Instrument A highly accurate machine which facilitates short examination times combined with ease of use making the ARKM-200 an essential for the professional. The advanced touch-screen display allows you to perform bot Product Details
LM-400 / LM-500 All the standard features at a cost-effective price The LM-400, 500 incorporate a fashionable design and practicality to guarantee a quality lensmeter that suits any room design. The LM-400, 500 can measure Standard & High index, Bifocal, Trifocal, Prog Product Details
LM-30 While only small, the LM-30 is packed with all the technological innovations we have developed in the field of ophthalmology. Product Details
LM-10/LM-10DX A high-eyepoint eyepiece with a wide field of view enables easy examination. Product Details
LC-10 Easy to Use, Easy on the Eye High-quality Large LCD Display A Japanese-made high-quality 19" display is used in the LCD panel. With ability to display optotypes in 6/60 or smaller, the LC-10 enables more comprehensive acuity testing than ever before. Product Details
MT-374 Our latest creation has received universal acclaim from the professionals with its elegant design, solid finish and easy operation. It has the variable adjusting knobs for the top side pad, vertical and horizontal movement of temple. Product Details
CP-40 Now with Log MAR charts, a wider range of test charts are available. Product Details
VT-5 We have drawn on our wide experience and vast amount of technical know-how accumulated in this field to develop a more precise and labor saving tester and its highest preformance wins a greatest popularity among many users all over the world as well as in Product Details
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