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Diagnostic Devices

Diagnostic Devices for Anterior Segment of Eye

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KM-1 The Sutcliff type makes it easy to measure the curve, astigmatic axis and so on in a one-touch operation. Product Details
SPAC SPAC measures quantitatively the anterior chamber depth without any contact, consecutively from the pupil centre to the temporal limbus. It is intended to automatically evaluate the potential to develop angle-closure glaucoma (ACG), i.e. to screen the ACG Product Details
SNT-700 Air Noise like a gentle whisper” The noise when air blows from the equipment may be one cause of surprise for patients. The air noise level of the SNT-700 is only 55 dB. Gentle air noise like a whisper assures that patients can be examined comfortably. Product Details
P-1 Automatic measurement of cornea The Pachymeter allows a fully automated of the cornea simply apply the probe to the corneal surface and the data will be recorded automatically Product Details
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