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Roland Consult: has more than 15 years' experience in the field of electrophysiological diagnostics. Its products are RETI-Port/scan for VEP, ERG, EOG, multifocal ERG and VEP


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RETIangio Roland RETIangio® Infrared imaging using an IR laser enables the user to produce a higher quality fundus image in comparison to alternative white light illumination photo systems. Product Details
Dark Adaptometer hereditary retinopathies – inflammatory eye diseases – metabolic disorders – vitamin A deficiency – impaired night vision Product Details
RETImap Simultaneous infrared laser monitoring during electrophysiological function testing with Roland RETImap. New for animal and human topography and function in the same time and area. Product Details
ERG Electrophysiological Test Unit RETI-port gamma plus Pattern VEP + pattern ERG + flash VEP ISCEV ERG, EOG fast and slow mf ERG flash stimulation mf VEP pattern stimulation Product Details
Portable Units RETI-com Pattern – the small and easy system for tests of the Optic Nerve and the Macula is a 2-channel set-top Box for the professional measuring of physiological responses after a chequerboard pattern reversal stimulation at constant contrast. Easy han Product Details
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