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Cranial Radiosurgery System Indicated for a non-invasive treatment of encephalic lesions, the Micromar Radiosurgery System is an equipment which, when connected to a linear accelerator, allows for a dynamic irradiation in stereotactic conditions with milimetric accuracy. The targets Product Details
Fractioned Stereotactic Radiotherapy System The Micromar Fractioned Stereotactic Radiotherapy System was developed to provide greater speed and safety in procedures to position patients in the LINAC. Product Details
Body Frame Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy System The Micromar Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Fractioned Radiotherapy System enables the accurate irradiation of targets, so as to obtain excellent results. Product Details
Aimrad - Radiosurgical Planning Software Aimrad, the Micromar radiosurgical planning software, is a powerful high-end modular system that enables three-dimensional planning for radiation treatments of Fractioned Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery - with conical collimators and multiple b Product Details
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