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Aimsystem Aimsystem is the most complete and versatile Stereotactic System in the market. It is ideal for stereotactic surgeries of all kinds. The equipment provides reach to all cranial regions without restrictions, always offering maximum flexibility to your proc Product Details
Aimplan Aimplan is a powerful tool for surgical planning that allows for the neurosurgeon to locate stereotactic targets with maximum accuracy and safety, in addition to providing all features expected from a quality software. Product Details
Microdrive Micromar developed an exclusive microdrive adapter for Alpha Omega system: one of the most versatile microdrive systems available in the market, specially developed for localization and identification of targets in the surgical treatment. Product Details
Cannulas and Sets for Stereotaxy Micromar has a large line of cannulas for all kinds of stereotactic procedures such as Biopsy, Evacuation of Hematomas and Cysts, Guided Surgery, Implementation of deep electrodes (DBS), Catheter and Probe Placement and Neuroendoscopy.Micromar has a large Product Details
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